Sponsorship Opportunities

Support from our local business community sends vibrant energy to continue the work of the Washington Idaho Symphony, both on and off the stage. We work with our sponsors to create unique partnerships, allowing companies to support all areas of the symphony’s outreach. Through our partnerships, we meet key business objectives and achieve world-class corporate social responsibility strategies. It takes a meaningful investment from individuals, companies, and foundations to secure the future of classical music in the Washington Idaho region. Washington Idaho Symphony donors are the energy behind everything we do. Our performances are only possible because of gifts from our community. Ticket sales only cover a third of the real costs of ensuring the quality of orchestral performances, therefore, we rely on donations to continue the triumphant legacy of bringing live classical music to all ages.

Be a part of this success, contribute to the Washington Idaho Symphony, attend concerts, and spread the news about this home-grown asset of the Arts!

Meet Our Sponsors

The Washington Idaho Symphony gratefully acknowledges all of the contributors who insure the success and continuity of the orchestra. Thank You! Gifts received will be honored in all future programs. We make every effort to list contributors correctly. If we omitted your name or listed you incorrectly, please call (509) 332-3408. Again, our sincere thanks for your continued generosity.

Idaho Commission on the Arts

Cactus Computer & Internet

Cactus Computer & Internet, 211 S. Main St. Moscow, ID 83843 || 208-883-5500