Our Donors, Sponsors, Supporters

The Washington Idaho Symphony gratefully acknowledges all of the contributors who insure the success and continuity of the orchestra.  Gifts received after March 12, 2018, will be honored in future programs.
To make a tax-deductible donation to the Washington Idaho Symphony, please visit www.Washington-Idaho-Symphony.org for more information, or please send your check to Washington Idaho Symphony, PO Box 9185, Moscow, ID 83843.
Special thanks to Stillings and Embry Florists in Lewiston, and Neill’s Flowers and Gifts in Pullman for our soloist’s flowers.

Sustaining Givers

Richard Domey & Diane Gillespie
Idaho Commission on the Arts
Dr. Carl & Shirley Koenen
Stanton & Lucille Linden
Dr. Ed & Beatriz Schweitzer
Paul & Deanna Stewart
Harry & Sharon Wells
Dr. Gregory & Ann Marie Yasinitsky


David Benson
Pollyanna & Larry Franzen
James Short
Albert & Jane Von Frank
Ralph & Valerie Yount
Kathleen Warren
The Feuerstein Group
City of Lewiston
TheVanguard Charitable Trust

The Mike & Katie McNichols Charitable Fund

Dr. Christine Moffitt

Bruce and Barbara Palmer

Carol Padgham Albrect


Michael Cantrell & Janice Bought
Dr. Ryan Hare & Nicole LeBlanc
Brian & Victoria Leffingwell
Yogi & Barbara Gupta
Kelly Kennaly
Barbara Meldrum
Barbara Petura
Donald & Joanne Poe
Lawrence Pulley
Mary & John Ramirez
Carol Schmidt
Paul & Alice Schroeder
Kathleen Warren
Columbia Health Foundation

Idaho Commission on the Arts

Michael E. McNichols

Richard and Barbara Petura

Cambia Health Foundation


Helen & Monte Boisen
Cassie & John Byrne-Finley, In Memory of Tom Crossler
Michael Cantrell & Janice Boughton
Jerome Clark
Roger Cole
Ferenc & Marcella Cseskzó
Happy Day Corporation
Sally & Richard Fredericks
Carroll Hughes
Jonathan Jones & Susan Hopkinson
Birgita Ingemanson
Kimberling Insurance Agency
Kiwanis Club of Pullman
Dr. Tim Kohler & Marilyn von Seggern
Colleen Mahoney
Ruth & Michael Monahan
Mildred Moore
Garth & Nancy Sasser
Ann Taylor, In Memory of Marie Ormsby
Lee & Keri Wieling
David Wood

Richard and Nancy Mack

Birgita Ingemanson


David Barnes & Virginia Hyde, In Memory of Bruce Palmer
Andrea Beckett
Mary Carloye
Francis Cassirer
Dr. Cathy Coleman, In Memory of Bruce Palmer
Tayanna Douglas, In Memory of Marie Ormsby
Annette Erickson
Donna Harris
Robert & Rachel Harder
Prudence & Richard Heimsch
Jean & Jerry Hendrickson
Susan J. Hoovel
Judith James
Dr. Tim Kohler & Marilyn von Seggern
Gwen & James Koreltz
Phyllis Laird
Nicole LeBlanc
Jan M. Pyle
V. Lane Rawlins
Rudy Greg Trejo
David Seamans
Helen J. Wootton

Ruth Funabiki

Krista Brown

Betty Adams

Joy Irving

Schreck Family Foundation

Diana Armstrong

Bondell Phillips

David Spencer

Mark and Ann Schumaker

Martha Mullen

Nancy and Gary Bryan Chaney

Richard and Sally Fredericks

Thomas F and Joann S Trail

Jan M Pyle in Memory of Jack and Diane Pyle

Frances Cassirer

John Bradbury

An Taylor in Memory of Marie Ormsby

Jean and Jim Logan

Albert Konen

Patricia Rathmann

Elizabeth and Wyman Staples

Gloria Fisher


Mildred Brammer
Mary & Jack Carloye
Richard & Judy Hanby
Marvel Kimball
Louise Regelin
Lloyd & Janis Wallis

Paul and Anna Conditt

Jeanne Keatts

Tsceminicum Club

Louise O Regelin

George and Joan Klingler

Michael and Susan Hinz

Richard Hensley

Cactus Computers

*As of March 12, 2018
We make every effort to list contributors correctly.  If we omitted your name or listed you incorrectly, please call (509) 332-3408.  Again, our sincere thanks for your continued generosity.

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