Corporate Sponsors

The Washington Idaho Symphony is thankful to our following corporate sponsors:






Providing professional orchestral concerts to the Palouse area of both Washington and Idaho, and to the nearby Lewiston/Clarkston Valley since 1972, the Washington Idaho Symphony received non-profit status in 1974, and has grown into a regional cultural asset. The Symphony’s more than 70 instrumentalists are primarily music faculty, professional free-lance musicians, and graduate students of Washington State University and the University of Idaho.

In exchange for a  sponsorship of $5,000, you will receive the following from the Washington Idaho Symphony:

Media/Publicity Opportunities:

  • Prominent logo placement on all Washington Idaho Symphony season-related promotional material and website from date of agreement forward a Sponsor
  • Reader Board advertising on Washington Idaho Symphony promotions throughout Season as Sponsor
  • Online Email Advertising as a Sponsor
  • Prominent mention in all concert-related public relations material, including radio ads, email blasts, and direct mail campaigns
    • Radio ads would feature a strong pitch from conductor advertising you (300+ radio ads total, up to 14 days prior to each concert weekend)
  • Logo placement in every concert program, listing you as a Sponsor, both on the front page and the actual concert program page
  • Permanent mention on our season-long donor page as Season Sponsor
  • Acknowledgement and thanks from the conductor’s podium at all concerts, both at our Pullman and valley concert venues (average of 500-700 in attendance per cycle)
  • Complimentary concert tickets to any concert for you and your team members
  • Banner/signage and company specific PR materials displayed at each concert

Networking/Audience Exposure:

A  Sponsorship would:

  • Provide a terrific opportunity for you to show your support alongside other Washington Idaho Symphony Business and Community Sponsors (More than 20 others in 2016-2017)
  • Enhance your community image as a bold philanthropic and cultural community leader alongside Dr. Ed and Beatriz Schweitzer, Avista Utilities, City North American Moving Company, Pullman Heating and Electric, Fisher Systems, and others.
  • Advertise to concert audiences averaging 500-700 people per concert cycle in the larger Quad-City area of Pullman/Moscow/Lewiston/Clarkston
  • Online web acknowledgement with logo exchange
  • Strong radio advertising with over 300 radio ads per concert cycle on prominent local radio stations such as KQQQ and KHTR, reaching thousands of radio listeners for up to two weeks prior to concerts


Sustaining a quality, thriving orchestra that helps to support and is in turn, supported by local businesses and individuals is vital to the cultural fabric of our community.  Like you, we at the Washington Idaho Symphony believe our audience members and supporters build our community at large, and that is why we are community-minded and proud to bring live, professional music and culture to our area! We need your help in order to continue bringing valuable classical music experiences to our local communities.  Please help us help you and our greater Pullman/Moscow and Lewiston/Clarkston community Live Life Live!

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